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A monthly selection of new writing and comment on contemporary culture from emerging creative voices.

Arresting Art (Part 2)- Christopher Heasman

Nov 4, 2013 | No Comments

If the Devil wrote a poem, would you enjoy it? Could you? If a monster – a criminal, a dictator, a psychopath – painted a painting, would you lock it away, bury it or burn it? It’s an issue that comes up more often than you might expect. Artists aren’t angels, and it’s not an […]

Arresting Art- Christopher Heasman

Oct 17, 2013 | No Comments

Every few months, I am overcome by a very particular morbid curiosity. I stop and ponder on what would happen if I ever went to prison. That’s not to say I am at the height of some sort of criminal career (I’m really not, I promise), but that doesn’t override my fascination with the prison […]

Insomnia Song– Andrew Wynn Owen

Oct 4, 2013 | No Comments

I slept with a terrible crick in my neck. It buckled my bones and it nobbled my back. It took me an hour to unclick and relax And left me convinced that my spine was convex. I’ve crashed in a carpark, reposed in a skip I’ve dozed in a ditch and I’ve kipped on a […]

Upcoming Exhibition: Connect

Sep 24, 2013 | No Comments
Upcoming Exhibition: Connect

21st - 25th November 2013  //  Private View 21st November 6pm-9pm ‘Only Connect’- Howards End This Fabelist Group show takes its theme from E.M Forster’s masterpiece in which one of the central characters explains that “all respectable people say ‘I’.” In a digitalised commercial age of instantaneous connections and consumer satisfaction, it is becoming increasingly difficult to say ‘I’ […]

Synaesthesia and the Senses

Aug 2, 2013 | One Comment
Synaesthesia and the Senses

SYNAESTHESIA AND THE SENSES: A Fabelist Group Show ‘syn·es·the·sia’  In Synaesthesia and The Senses, nine emerging and established artists, magnify sensory responses to the world around them in an expansive variety of media. This Fabelist Group Show takes its theme from this Ancient Greek word, whose roots mean together (syn) and sensation (aesthesia). Between 22nd August […]

Spotlight: An Interview with James Wolff- Francesca Goodwin

May 11, 2013 | No Comments
Spotlight: An Interview with James Wolff- Francesca Goodwin

From learning French to understand the work of one of his greatest influences Jaques Brel, to teaching himself to read and write music, London Based singer/songwriter James Wolff is- from the outset- a far cry from the synthetic sounds of the corporate pop industry. Having already supported the likes of Imogen Heap, his beautiful gravelly tones are […]